Post-graduate studies
Ilona Lebedeva
Position: Head
Academic degree : Cand.Sc., Economics
Phone: +7 3467 357 692

Research areas:

  • Differential Equations, Dynamic Systems and OC;
  • Physical Chemistry;
  • Process and Production Control Automation;
  • Social and Economic Systems Administration;
  • Mathematical Modelling, Numerical Computing and Programme Systems;
  • Construction Materials and Products;
  • Economics and Management of the National Economy;
  • Languages of the Peoples of Russian Federation;
  • Comparativistics, Typological and Contrastive-comparative Linguistics
  • Criminal Law and Criminology;
  • Theory and Methodology of Physical Education, Sports Training, Sanative and Adaptive PE;
  • Theory and Methodology of Professional Education;
  • Physical Geography and Biogeography, Soil Geography and Landscape Geochemistry;
  • Geoecology.