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Field (experimental) station “Mukhrino”

Field station "Mukhrino" started working in 2009 with the assistance of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug – Yugra environmental protection and ecological safety Department and with the sponsorship of companies "Urayneftegaz" and "Salym Petroleum Development N.V.".

Field Experimental Station "Mukhrino" is located in the central part of Western Siberia, in 30 km to the south-west of Khanty-Mansiysk, on the left Irtysh River bank near the marsh "Fyodorovskoye". This marsh is situated in the Kondinsky lowlands where the swamps cover up about 70 % of the area.

Geographic coordinates: in latitude 60.88 North, at longitude 68.70 East.

The location of the field experimental station “Mukhrino”

 Field station "Mukhrino" was created to study biodiversity, carbon balance, heat and water regime (the structure and the functioning) of the natural wetland landscapes. It serves for the scientific efforts, training and work practice of the students from different universities and countries; it provides the possibility of year-round observation and comprehensive, interdisciplinary researches on the subject of UNESCO Department.

You can get the station first by the highway Khanty-Mansiysk –Nyagan (20 km), then to take the boat (in spring and in the early summer), or to walk along the forest trail (10 km in the end of the summer and in autumn). In winter the station is accessible by the snowmobile.

Living and working conditions at the field station “Mukhrino”

There are all the necessary conditions for work on the basis of the station:

There is a 2-storey house with veranda built on the bank of a small brook. It takes 170 m2 and suits for a comfortable stay and work of 4-8 employees. During the major events up to 25 people can accommodate there.

The first floor is furnished with 2-tiered beds, working tables, shelves for the equipment. The second floor is a recreational area.

Near the house there is a summer kitchen - summerhouse, a hearth for the evening relaxation. The cottage of the watchman, sauna and other auxiliary buildings are located close to the house.

The station is equipped with electricity, cellular communications, and satellite dish for the access to the Internet.

Scheme of the station "Mukhrino" base:
1 - residential two-storey house, 2 – watchman cottage , 3 - summerhouse, summer kitchen,
4 - hearth, 5 - bath, well, 6 – moorage at the brook.

The main objects of study, the power- supply system and the equipment are located near the swamp. There is a 700 meter trail from the house to the swamp along the forest. The trail is drained with the deeply incised channel of the brook flowing from the bog.

Gangway traverses the most typical marsh micro landscapes: raised bog, osokovo-sheyhtserievo-sphagnum bogs, ridge-hollow complexes, pine-shrub-sphagnum bog (raised bog).

The main part of the scientific equipment and the autonomous power-supply system of the station are located along the experimental gangway:

There are experimental wood planks along the bog (about 1.5 km in length), which enable long-term studies without disturbing the surface of the swamp.


Autonomous power-supply system includes solar panels, wind generator with the power up to 2 kW, batteries and power- supply monitoring system.

Meteorological ground is equipped with the psychometric booths, precipitation gage, and snow scale in compliance with the Roshydromet State Standard.

In the booths, there are minimum, maximum and urgent thermometers, psychrometer, barometer and humidity recorder thermograph.

Automatic weather stations (on the ridge and in the seepage areas) measure up to 20 indicators, including: air and soil temperature, air and soil humidity, soil, solar radiation (direct and reflected), wind speed and direction, the flow of heat in the soil, rainfall and barometric pressure.

Weather station sensors are equipped with Wi-Fi-dishes.

In 2011 it is planned to wire the collection of readings (Wi-Fi - repeater) for transmission of measurement data (GSM-antenna).

Semi-automatic sample bag of greenhouse gases (48 samples for the period from 1 hour to 5 days) are installed in different types of wetland ecosystems.

It is planned to install and to run the automatic micrometeorological system for gas flow measurement by the Eddy Covariance method in 2011.

The monitoring system of the bog water hydrological regime comprises:

  • Hydrological wells with the water level sensors;
  • Precipitation gages;
  • Lysimeters for measuring evaporation from the open water and the bog surface covered with vegetation;
  • Hydrological station for measuring the volume of the surface bog water runoff (2 dams at the source and in the higher part of the brook stream flowing out of the swamp).

Scheme of the equipment placement at the station "Mukhrino"

The automated system is being created on the basis of telecommunication technologies; it will provide on-line collection and transmission of the environmental monitoring data to any point of the Earth.

Research guidelines:

  • Description and classification of vegetation;
  • Detailed typology, identification of decrypting features and wetland landscapes mapping;
  • Meteorological observations;
  • Monitoring of the wetlands thermal and hydrological regime (jointly with the specialists from the State Hydrological Institute, St. Petersburg);
  • Greenhouse gases measurement (СО2 and methane) (together with the staff from the MSU Soil Science Faculty, Physics and Soil improvement department);
  • Study of the Macromycetes biological diversity and the carposome dynamics;
  • Study of the Bryophyte species diversity growing on the territory of the station.

During the period 2009-2010 more than 120 ecology and environmental management scientists and experts have visited the field station “Muhrino” in the course of scientific excursions and researches.

Comments book of the Field station “Mukhrino” 
Residential house

Residential house

Photo: Bossenbroek Philippus
“Mukhrino” station base

Photo: Cruijsberg Wilhelmus.
Excursion along the experimental gangway

Autonomous energy-supply system 

Photo: Philippov I.
Weather station

Semi-automatic cameras on the swamp

Photo: Batueva V.
Hydrologic well with a water level sensor

Automatic fluid level sensors
Collector KELLER DCX-22


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