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International field station in the village Shapsha

Photos of the events in Shapsha are in the photo album of the UNESCO department

International Field station of the UNESCO department "Environmental dynamics and global climate changes" Yugra State University includes:

The UNESCO department’s station in the village Shapsha is situated in 24 km to the east from Khanty-Mansiysk and serves as a permanent station for researches in various taiga and tundra areas of Western Siberia.

Geographic coordinates: in latitude 61.05.22 North, at longitude 69.27.26 east.

Space photo of the laboratorial complex environs

The village is located on the Ob left-bank terrace. In the south the village is surrounded by the typical coniferous (pine) and mixed middle-taiga forests, which alternate with the raised moor and pine-sphagniopratum areas. There is a spacious Ob water meadow which stretches to the north (width about 30 km). It consists of endless meadows, numerous floodplain lakes, channels and narrow lines of shrubs. There are about 500 permanent residents, a secondary school, a club and different studios in the village.

The location of the laboratorial complex in the village Shapsha. The main types of landscapes:1 – flood-plain forests and shrubs, 2 -  high and medium flood-plain meadows, 3 –water meadows, 4 - dark coniferous and mixed forests, 5 –raised bogs.

You can get the field station from Khanty-Mansiysk by the regular bus from the bus station "Transagenstvo" (departure time - 9.20, 12.00, 14.20, and 18.00).

Laboratorial department

Laboratorial complex of the station is equipped for scientific experimentations, summer schools, seminars, meetings, and includes laboratorial (400 m2) and residential (800 m2) areas for:

Laboratories are equipped with the most modern equipment for integrated environmental researches: chromatographs, scales, drying and exhaust hoods, freezers, microscopes, office equipment (Details: Equipment.pdf).

There is a computer network with a server 40 TB (start-up of the server will be in May 2011) and Internet connection (100 kb / s) in the laboratorial department.

Photo:Kukurichkin Gleb
The seminar about the vegetation classification by the Braun-Blanquet method

Photo: Bossenbroek Philippus
buildings in the village Shapsha

Photo: Cruijsberg Wilhelmus
before the excursion

Photo: Bossenbroek Philippus
The excursion to the high Ob terrace

Photo: Philippov I.
Data handling

Photo: Philippov I.

Photo: Philippova N.


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