Total dictation: Results

Following our news on conducting Total dictation, a worldwide event devoted to testing people's literacy in Russian.


122 people took part in the event in Khanty-Mansiysk on 12 April, and the large auditorium was full. On 23 April the winners gathered at the same place to receive their certificates and greetings from our university's Vice rector, Arkadiy Krasilnikov.

All the eight got good marks, which means they made up to 4 mistakes (both in spelling and punctuation). The most literate people of the city are different, and not always occupied in the sphere of language and humanities. A schoolboy, our university's graduates, a journalist and a teacher were among the best.

The editor of the Engish version of the university's site, Olga Stechkina, was among the winners, too, with 3 mistakes in punctuation and zero in spelling. She has participated in Total dictation for several times, and believes the event will become more and more popular in future.

Olga Stechkina,
the editor))